Class Italia

Every day we work for challenges more and more important and fascinating

The reason why is that we deeply believe in a value, which allow us to reach the most important results. The dextery, craftsmanship, mastery and creativity that are typical of the Italian culture are the driving forces at the base of the special way to imagine, plan and carry out our products. Our staff is composed by many inside and outside co-operators extremely skilled and qualified. They daily  transform a concept idea into a realized-project. A strong team,dynamic, who work well together, capable. Modern structures, up to date machinery, all of this focused on our Women, our Men, and our Client.



Former In Group is the result of a business project aimed at complementing the specific experience of all the stakeholders involved. Through the skills that are peculiar to each company, wide-ranging interventions are possible, including those characterized by high managing and operating complexity

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Former in Italia srl
Via Emilia Romagna 2
61020 Gallo (PU) Italy

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Class Italia srl
Via Emilia Romagna 8
61020 Gallo (PU) - Italy
Via Borsari, 3/a
43126 Parma (PR) - Italy
Ph./Fax +39 0521 289746
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Class Italia Middle East W.L.L.
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Al Diwan St. 701
7th floor, Musherib Tower
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Sailing srl
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